Om Wireless Solutions is operating from Delhi NCR & has been formed for providing specialized

consultancy and liaison service in Telecommunications, MOEF, DGFT. The process and procedure involved in the sanctioning licenses and clearance by these Ministries is cumbersome and complicated and required close liaison with the personal at various levels in these departments.

Om Wireless Solutions is an absolute solution

Om Wireless Solutions is an absolute solution to liberate the license and clearance in very lesser- era with pleasure. OMWS believes in sustainable long-term relations & joint partnership with all clients across the industry, for whom we engage, invent & provide tailor made specialized quality business solutions. We have a highly professional and qualified team. These are well versed with the liaison job. In the present scenario, to achieve quick results, liaison has to be intense, personal and at all levels in

Every Departments.

  • We are familiar with the internal procedures and the functional methodology of the Govt. Agencies.
  • Highly developed long-standing personal liaison with the functionaries at higher levels in these agencies.
  • Operating from Delhi/NCR so that continuous follow up actions on day ? to ? day basis are possible.
  • Well proficient in handling large projects.

Why Om Wireless Solutions

Hence, outsourcing your license/clearance tasks to Om Wireless Solutions will give you the above benefits and assured success within the shortest time frame, nutshell reduced administrative overheads, financial costs and time saving.